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STEP 6: How To Quickly Grow A Huge Email List & Sell To It On Autopilot

Alright 9-5ers, here's how to...

  1. Get unlimited people on your email list

  2. Keep them engaged

  3. Get them to buy from your links on autopilot

Why is an email list important? Because...

Your email list IS your business! You must control your contacts.

It's dangerous to have your business solely on social media because your account could get shut down without any warning (yes, it happens), and be gone for good.

If this happens then you will have zero contacts and NO business.

That's why it's so important to move your contacts from social media to an email platform, like GetResponse. Since you pay monthly for a GetResponse subscription, those contacts are yours until someone unsubscribes from your list.

And remember that every email you send must come from a platform that allows for one-click unsubscribe because it's the law. In other can NOT use Gmail or Yahoo, etc!


To get people on your email list it's best to give them a valuable gift, like my ebook, in exchange for their email address.

You want to build know, like, and trust so make sure when they open your free gift they say, "wow, this is awesome!". First impressions are critical.

You can get ideas or purchase a fancy free gift from a PLR website. It's legal content that you can edit and then use as your own to either give away or sell. Yes, there are a lot of people out there who love to create content for a living.

Or you can create your own free gift without fancy graphics, but with great information. Mine is on a simple Google doc, and it literally gives you every step you need to start your business. Over deliver and you will be golden.

Remember that once your business system is setup then you will send traffic using the Learn Ads for $7 course. Paid traffic, as little at $2 / per day, is how you grow your list VERY quickly.

And yes, you'll just have to trust me that Learn Ads for $7 is not too good to be true. Laurel has a great business model. She uses her $7 / per month course as her lead magnet. She also has a $1,000 / per month course - and yes, I will be in that soon.


Your next goal, now that they are on your email list, is to keep them engaged so they are eager to open every email.

Your emails don't have to be long, but they do need to be valuable. Set up a series, also called a drip campaign, so they have multiple steps to follow (each email is 1 step).

Take each blog post and turn it into an email that goes out automatically (autoresponder) on a set day. In other words, drip your emails out one at a time.

These automatic email drip campaigns help keep your community engaged because they are consistent and sequential. When your community can depend on you showing up in their inbox on a regular basis, then they will get to know, like, and trust you very quickly.

All email software platforms have automation so you can send drip campaigns. But if you haven't chosen one yet then check out the one I like, GetResponse.

It is easy to use and 'affiliate friendly'. Some email platforms have a zero tolerance affiliate policy and will shut down your account if you abuse it. I did not know this and had my account shut down with Active Campaign when I promoted a legitimate free health summit from Health Means (perfect for health niche busineses btw).

There are plenty of 'icky' affiliate marketers so that's why some companies have a zero tolerance policy.


Lastly, remember to link to one or more of your affiliate products in every email you send. If you have an honest affiliate marketing business and only recommend products you love, which I'm sure you will, then your contacts will be happy to purchase from you. You're making their life easier by vetting products for them.

Show them exactly what they need for solving their problem, and you won't need to 'sell' a thing.

All of these steps and resources are in my free ebook, so grab your copy now and setup your business THIS weekend!



P.S. Leave a comment, ask a question, or jump straight into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.


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