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STEP 3: How To Create A Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing In Under 1 Hour

Alright 9-5ers...what is a landing page and why do you need one?

A landing page is a stand alone page on your website where you collect a visitor's contact information, typically a first name and email address, in exchange for a free resource, like an ebook, workbook, or video.


You need a landing page so you can collect email addresses because your email list IS your business. Social media is NOT in your control so you never want to build a business that relies solely on your social followers. You must move those followers to an email list that YOU control, like in Systeme or Get Response.

Below is an example of my landing page. It's simple and has one call to action.

You don't want too much on a landing page because you have only 7 seconds to grab someone's attention. If they can not "figure out what to do", then they will exit without giving you their contact info. A confused buyer does not buy.



There's really only one trick to saving time when you are doing all the work yourself...use TEMPLATES!

Every website and blogging software offer tons of templates so you never have to create anything from scratch.

Here are three of my favorites:

Systeme is my top choice for new business owners because their FREE PLAN includes a blog, unlimited blog posts, 2,000 contacts, unlimited emails, 3 funnels, 15 funnel steps, and so much more. It's the perfect way to start a business for FREE!

Click here to see their pricing and then create a free account to check out their free templates in the marketplace.

If you want a step-by-step course so you can launch a custom website and blog on Systeme in less than two hours, then check out Funnel Vibe.


ClickFunnels is another good choice for new business owners, however their lowest priced plan is $97 / per month.

But, if you plan on building an ecommerce or coaching affiliate business, then CF is perfect for you.

They are the king of sales funnel software and that's what you want for ecommerce or coaching.

I used it in my health coaching business for many years and made over $3K as affiliate. (I'm excited to promote it again since they just launched 2.0!)

They offer tons of free and inexpensive training. I learned all of my marketing and funnel building knowledge from them.

Here are some of their products:


GetResponse is another favorite because you can start for FREE. They started as an email marketing platform and have grown into a full business suite software.

I used them for many years and liked their simplicity and customer service.

They offer everything you need for your business so they are a one-stop-shop:

  • Email marketing

  • Autoresponders

  • Website building

  • Landing pages

  • Conversion funnels

  • Ecommerce integrations

  • Live chat

  • Webinars

They have a ton of free resources including webinars, infographics, and videos.

Don't spend too much time trying to decide which platform to use because you can always upgrade later as your buiness grows. Many have free migration so switching can be seamless and pain free.

I suggest creating free accounts with all 3, playing around with them for a day, and then deciding. You really can't go wrong so just go with your gut, or your bank account:).

All of these steps and resources are in my free ebook, so grab your copy now and setup your business THIS weekend!



P.S. Leave a comment, ask a question, or jump straight into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.

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Nov 05, 2022

Great info!

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