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STEP 1: How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business [Step-By-Step]

Alright 9-5ers, if you've been wanting to start an online business but have limited time to do it, then affiliate marketing is perfect for you.

It is seriously the coolest business model out there if you want someone else to do most of the heavy lifting for you.


Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission for selling someone else’s product or service.

Let's finally bought the goldendoodle puppy you've always wanted, and you are super excited to train him with your favorite high quality course (affiliate product) and groom him with your favorite high-end clippers (affiliate product).

Your affiliate marketing business is based on health (lifestyle) > dogs > goldendoodles.


News flash...blogging is (almost always) affiliate marketing!

Bloggers write about their topic and link to products in their articles.

Using our example of goldendoodles you are going to...

...create content based on your journey with your new doodle so you can educate your community, and then offer your affiliate products for them to buy.

When they click your affiliate product links and purchase, you get PAID!

Blogging is the most common way to run an affiliate marketing business and it can be fast when you send targeted traffic to your blogging site with this $7/ month ads course.

I like to write a blog post and then create a mini-slide video out of its content, but with dogs you will need a blog post with a video of you and your doodle doing something interesting.

Here are some ideas:


  • use and link to your favorite clippers (affiliate product)

  • use and link to your favorite shampoo (affiliate product)

  • use and link to your favorite nail clippers (affiliate product)

  • use and link to your favorite ear drops (affiliate product)

  • use and link to your favorite brush (affiliate product)


  • train and link to your favorite training course (affiliate product)

  • train and link to your favorite training treat (affiliate product)

  • train and link to your favorite training treat bag (affiliate product)

  • train and link to your favorite training leash (affiliate product)


  • show, discuss and link to your favorite dog bed (affiliate product)

  • show, discuss and link to your favorite dog food (affiliate product)

  • show, discuss and link to your favorite dog raincoat (affiliate product)

  • show, discuss and link to TONS MORE! (affiliate products)

That's affiliate marketing in a nutshell, and if you are ready to jump in with both feet then I highly recommend you start with this $7 15-day online business builder challenge.

I went through the challenge and it was super helpful because it comes with a few 1:1 sessions with a business mentor. He or she will help you narrow your niche, find a good product or two, and then guide you on your next step in the challenge. Well worth $7!


It's estimated that 80% of businesses use affiliates and it's growing.

Businesses like...

  • Amazon

  • Walmart

  • Tony Robbins

  • Expedia

  • Airbnb

  • American Express

  • and so many more!


One of the most lucrative blogs that I personally use and love is NerdWallet. Check out its stats...

  • Started in 2009

  • $150 revenue 2021

  • Went public 2021

Blogging is common because:

  1. It's low cost

  2. It's low risk

  3. Easy to scale with $2 - $5 ads

  4. Can do it while working 9-5


Step 1: Pick your niche & sub-niche - Health (Lifestyle), Wealth, or Relationships

Step 2: Pick your products - sign up for free & get links

Step 3: Create a landing page - use DFY template & edit to make it yours

Step 4: Create your free gift - buy DFY (PLR) or make your own

Step 5: Create content (videos, slides, posts) - add to your website and socials

Step 6: Create an email list - send valuable emails with affiliate links embedded

Step 7: Send $2 - $5/ day paid traffic - grow your email list FAST & SCALE!

Affiliate marketing is not hard, but it does take consistent hard work - at least in the beginning. It's a great business model for someone who wants to connect with a community who has the same passion. What could be better than getting involved with other goldendoodle owners and making money at the same time!

All of these steps and resources are in my free ebook, so grab your copy now and setup your business THIS weekend!



P.S. Leave a comment, ask a question, or jump straight into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.


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