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STEP 2: How To Find The Perfect Affiliate Product That People Will Love To Buy [Examples]

Alright 9-5ers, in order to find the perfect product, you first have to pick a niche. There are three so choose the one that you love should love your business!





(BTW...if you haven't watched PART 1 then do that first.)

Below you will find three examples of how to narrow your niche.

There is a saying that has stuck with me for years - BROAD IS BROKE. Meaning...narrow niches grow much faster than broad.

But don't worry because you can expand and 'become broad' as your business grows and you are making good income.

We all want to learn or be treated by the expert of experts. If you break your leg then you are not going to a primary care doctor for surgery.

Your business is the same and you will NOT run out of customers...I promise.


Niche: Health

Sub-Niche: Weight Loss

Sub-Sub-Niche: Paleo

Sub-Sub-Sub-Niche: Moms

In this example you can see that she is narrowing twice. The Paleo Mom is a very successful blog because her story matches her business which creates a high-level of connection with her followers.


Niche: Wealth

Sub-Niche: Credit Cards

Sub-Sub-Niche: Travel Cards

In this example you can see that he is not only a credit card expert, but a travel card expert. Of course people are going to follow someone with such a cool niche. We all want to travel for free with points!


Niche: Relationships

Sub-Niche: Family

Sub-Sub-Niche: Family Friendly Travel

Sub-Sub-Sub-Niche: Disneyworld

In this example you can see this blogger chose an extremely narrow niche. Disneyworld blogs do very well because every family wants to save when going to such an expensive place.


Choosing products can be a bit overwhelming because there are a gazillion choices.

One tactic that works well is to build your business around a high-ticket product. This is what I have done with the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge. I found a product that I used and loved, and consequently thought others would love it as well.

I receive $1,000 from Legendary Marketer when someone I refer to the 15-Day Challenge buys their upsell program.

The reason this works well is that you can get a quick cash infusion with just one sale.

A second tactic can be to choose a recurring revenue software product like GetResponse for email, or ClickFunnels for sales funnels / website. Both of these are recurring monthly charges so you get paid every month for as long as your affiliate uses the software.

I receive $38.30 a month for every ClickFunnels affiliate so 100 affiliates equals $3,830.00 every month of completely passive income.

Here are some other places to look for products:

Once you've chosen your main product then create content around it and make it the focus of your marketing.

Your goal is to have fun and make money at the same time so choose something you enjoy and go for it!

All of these steps and resources are in my free ebook, so grab your copy now and setup your business THIS weekend!



P.S. Leave a comment, ask a question, or jump straight into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge.


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