Welcome!  I'm glad you found me...and you did for a reason.

It's time to say "enough already...I'm ready to feel GREAT in my own body again.  I'm tired of the extra weight and low energy.  I want my life back."

Yes!  You're in the exact right place and I want to tell you that you're not alone.  I had 35 extra pounds for many years and it's no fun.  I felt horrible.

I tried diets and they didn't work.  But finally I figured out that it's so much more than just food and exercise.  After a lot of trial and error I found a way out, and you can too.

I was at rock bottom and it sucked.  But now I help thousands get out of their rock bottoms and find success.  It IS possible and it's not hard with the right mentor and plan.

You can do it...I've seen hundreds of transformations and you're no different:)!

You do need to take action however, so you don't find yourself more miserable a month down the road.  Or maybe even heavier a year from now.

Just say YES outloud right now, and then take the first step towards changing your life forever.

Let's talk.

There are a few ways that I can help you find your healthy weight, connect to yourself in a more loving way, and say goodbye to weight loss once and for all.

Whether you have 10 or 100+ pounds to lose, it's the same process and I CAN help you.  But you DO have to take action.

Which program is right for you?  Let's go...



Get ready to breakthrough all of your obstacles and finally master your health.

With 1:1 coaching and the love of the Health Mastery community,  you will deep dive into your life with Margaret and finally find the success you've been wanting for years.

Not only do you get 1:1 coaching, but you also get the group support and friendship of others going through your exact same challenge.  You are never alone in the Health Mastery community.

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If you're ready to jump in full steam and GET IT DONE!, then the VIP Day is for you.

Spend 5 hours with Margaret on a virtual video call and deep dive into your life.  And don't worry you do break for lunch:)

Come out with an action plan specific to your health and desires AND receive the 10 Day Fat Blast Detox for FREE.

Bonuses include... 1) Unlimited email for 2 months following your VIP Day 2) Two follow up 30 minute virtual video sessions to be used at your convenience.

VIP Day is by application only.  CLICK HERE to apply now.


This amazing value includes:  10 Day Meal Plan, Shopping List, Recipes, Comprehensive Pre-Recorded Webinar, Action Guide AND a 45 Minute Private Coaching Session.

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Ready to jump in and do this?!!  YES!!

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