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STEP 7: FASTEST Paid Traffic Source For Scaling Your Affiliate Marketing Business To $10K+ Month

Alright 9-5ers...sending traffic to your landing page is your last step, so let's make sure that you are ready to invest - the right way!

The worst mistake I made in my health coaching business was hiring an advertising agency before my system was ready. The agency was great at selling their services and they had a lot of positive reviews, however every offer is different and mine was not ready for various reasons.

I will never make that mistake again because my ads coach has a 'getting ready protocol' that everyone must follow prior to running ads. And then when your offer is ready you will start with an inexpensive ($2 - $5 / day) and safe way to run ads. So let's get to it...



  1. A narrow niche (more narrow the better) with a proven product(s) to sell

  2. A landing page for collecting emails

  3. A free gift for your landing page

  4. An email list set up and connected to your landing page

  5. One or two social media business accounts - Facebook, Instagram, etc

  6. At least 10 good pieces of content preloaded on your website and socials

If you do not have all of these in place, then grab my free gift and go through the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge first. The Challenge is step-by-step and is only $1 if you grab the exit popup. I highly recommend it even if you have your system in place. It's a great way to check your setup and make sure you're ready for paid ads.


This is my ads course recommendation because I've been in it for a long time and I can tell you first hand that it's fabulous.


After you are hitting your KPIs (key performance indicators) for your $5 per day video ads, then Laurel will tell you to move on to The ATM Retargeting Strategy for scaling.

And don't worry because her course is designed for beginners and every module has step-by-step videos that you can watch and pause a million times if necessary.

The modules are sequential so you will never get lost. Look at the menu in the screenshot below and you can see the second tab is "Get Ready Protocol". This is where you will make sure that your offer is ready for module 3 - Power Content Ads - where you will spend as little as $2 / day. And YES, you can gain a lot of traction for $2 a day which is less than a cup of coffee!


Ok you made it! If you're hopping into ads then congrats!

If you have some more work to do then no worries...building a business takes time and patience.

Remember, all of these steps and resources are in my free ebook, so grab your copy now if you haven't already.



P.S. Leave a comment, ask a question, or jump straight into the 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge if you need help or want to make sure your business is ready for ads.


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