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Who Is Margaret LeDane?

Hi there, I'm Margaret, health coach, mom, and creator of, a new automated marketing system for health coaches.

I started my health coaching business to not only help people heal, but to also give me the freedom to stay at home with my children and put my family first.  (Yep...all grown now, but I was a full time single parent!)

I wanted to create a life on my terms, while doing what I loved.

But there was one major problem...I struggled to get clients for a very long 7 years because I was taught 'old-school-in-person' marketing, instead of 'new-school-automated' marketing.

I was told to, "go to local networking events...answer questions in for referrals...tell friends and people on social media...blah, blah, blah...".

Well old-school is exhausting and SLOW, but at the time I had no choice...automation was not available!

But now it's here and it works.  I used an automated low-ticket course to convert potential clients into paying clients which increased my bottom line by 500%.

So now I want to teach my new automated marketing system to YOU, my fellow health coach.

Let's help people successful health coaching business at a time!

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