My Gluten and Dairy Free Party

My son, Clark, will be 21 on Saturday.


He started playing hockey when he was 5 and it’s his all time favorite thing to do. And even though he looks young and healthy on the outside, he does suffer with celiac disease on the inside.

When he was diagnosed at age 8 it was virtually impossible to find gluten free anything. It was a nightmare packing lunches for him.

But flash forward thirteen years, and there’s gluten free everything! But now I realize that we never needed gluten free because whole foods are gluten free naturally.

Veggies, nuts, fruit, meat, seeds, beans…all gluten free!

Black bean pasta. Chickpea pasta. Zucchini noodles. Almond flour bread. Wild rice. Sweet potatoes.

Who needs GLUTEN??!!

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed with your food, just think WHOLE.

For his party on Saturday we will be eating real, whole foods. Period.

Chicken, salad, sweet potatoes, hummus, olives, chips, salsa, nuts, beans …

Keep it simple. Let whole foods nourish you, and get you to your ideal weight.

Oh, and did I mention that his girlfriend is vegan? No problem:)!​​​​

From my health to yours!

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