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What's A Conversion Course?!

Hi there, I'm Margaret LeDane, health coach, and mom, and I love helping my fellow health coaches...

'CREATE YOUR OWN STORY' and build a thriving health coaching business using a CONVERSION COURSE!

I struggled with spotty income in my health coaching business for 7 years because I did not know how to consistently CONVERT visitors into LEADS and then CUSTOMERS.

Why?  Because...

I was an old-school-marketer (aka:  Free Queen)!

Free Queen:  Give away tons of info in exchange for someone's email address (aka: free-seekers), spend hours every day posting on social media, email more free info to the free-seekers multiple times a week, and then *hope* that some of those free-seekers sign up for your high-end program when you have your yearly launch.  Phew!!

Sound familiar?!  Blah...exhausting...no thank you!

Putting all of my eggs in one basket once a year was SO stressful and simply made no sense!  I hated it and knew there had to be a better way.

I needed new-school-marketing (aka:  Conversion Course)!

Conversion Course:  A low-ticket ($27 - $47 - $197) high-value digital course that automatically converts visitors into paying customers who are then primed and excited to buy your high-end coaching program when you do a 'soft' launch every other month.

Yep, you read the right.  Instead of you searching for them day in and day out...they find you and pay you...to become a client.
Believe me, I thought it sounded crazy too, until I created my very first Conversion Course for my health coaching business and watched my sales soar 500% the very first week.

So now I'm on a mission to help YOU create your Conversion Course so you can create your thriving health coaching business and make a big healthy impact on the world.

It's not complicated or hard...and in fact...it's actually quite SIMPLE!


  • SOLVE ONE PROBLEM ~ so you can stand out from the 'generic health experts' who are crowding the internet with their one-size-fits-all approach 
  • OVERDELIVER VALUABLE CONTENT ~ this low-ticket digital course is designed to find you perfect clients and make them know, like, and trust you when they say "wow, this course is worth 10x this price!"
  • MAKE IT PROFESSIONAL ~  people buy on emotion so if your sales page has beautiful images and graphics then your potential customers will automatically think your course is as fabulous
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And Then Customers...Without An Outside Tech Team...
And With A Ton Of Time-Saving Templates!?


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