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You’re here because you want to lose weight.

Diets?  Been there, done them all.  You’ve tried cutting calories.  Cutting carbs.  Cutting fat.  Maybe you’ve even tried eaten nothing but fat (yes – that’s a thing).

Each time you try something new, you think… maybe this is it.

You lose a couple of pounds, and a fragile, familiar feeling starts to take hold.  Maybe this is the one thing that will finally work for you.

But then life happens, and it’s like some external force takes over your brain and you just can’t. do. it. anymore.

So you gain the weight back… again.  Every time you do, you feel a little more stuck – and the worst part?  You trust yourself a little less than you did before.

If you’re like most of my clients, you know what you need to do.  So...have you ever wondered what’s really holding you back?

Let me tell you a secret:  You’re probably looking in the wrong direction.

And another secret?  It doesn’t have to be so hard.

There’s nothing wrong with you – there’s just something in your way.  And you’ve got to uncover it.

That’s how you finally ditch the processed foods, the shakes, the deprivation – and the weight.  And that’s how you step into the life you’re meant to lead.

It’s deep work.  But I know you’re ready, or you wouldn’t be here.

Let’s figure it out.  Together.

Ready to dig deep and lose the weight forever?

Health Mastery is a step-by-step, whole-life program designed to help you:

  • get crystal clear on exactly what’s holding you back – and finally heal the wound (with unlimited support, every step of the way)
  • renegotiate the parts of your life that are weighing you down and learn how to keep going no matter what comes your way
  • refine your lifestyle from a place of strength and confidence – without weird foods or extreme exercise programs

Note: This 6-month program is in depth, intensive, and by application only.

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Hey there, I’m Margaret.

I’m a certified health coach and your biggest supporter, motivator, and confidant.

Let me tell you – I’ve been where you are, or somewhere like it.  My clients often say “it feels like you’re in my head”.

I know what it’s like to be overweight and feel totally stuck.  To cancel lunches with friends due to severe IBS.  To be plagued by embarrassing eczema and mysterious headaches.  To have stress-induced hot flashes at age 42.

But you know what?  I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything – because they pushed me to dig deep and figure out what was really holding me back.

Ultimately, I renegotiated my relationship with food, lost the weight, and healed myself.

I want you to know:  you can do this.

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