"I had diarrhea, bloating, gas, extra weight, acne, eczema and fatigue for 42 years and no one else should suffer as long as I did."  M. LeDane



    Organization, education, personal goals and much more  take place during these pre-recorded coaching sessions from real participants in an actual program. Listen to why they are there and their goals, and then prepare your own.  Pause the recordings as you go and work on your personal action guides.


    This great bonus includes a downloadable shopping list, recipes and meal plan for your full 10 days of clean eating. All you have to do is shop with the list and follow the recipes…a true no-brainer!


    With all of these great bonuses it will take you months to get through all of them!  And there are even more articles on the resource member page:)


    During the 12 weeks you may email Margaret as much as you desire!

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I want you to be completely satisfied and successful so that’s why I’m offerring this great guarantee.  All I ask is you give 100% effort, complete all of the assignments and attend all of the sessions.  If you feel dissatisfied in any way after that, then I will refund your money with no questions asked.

I wondered why it took me from September to February for all you have been teaching to sink in, but it did.  I am finally on a roll.  Our eating has improved tenfold...no "weird" food-but lots of fresh fruit, fresh or frozen veggies, very few meals out.  When we go out to dinner, I choose the fish when I can.  I am loving rolled oats for breakfast, with fruit and nuts-sometimes a poached egg on whole grain toast and fruit.  We have chosen to eliminate wine during the week.  And I am really noticing a difference and am thrilled. We go to the gym often, or I use the exercise bike here at home.  So life is good.  I realize I have done a fair amount of whining [!]  As Brandy will tell you, when I started going to the gym last March, I hated it.  Now I am happy to go.  And when I started seeing you, I would have done anything to not pay attention to what I know is smart and healthy.  But all the knowledge you have passed on to me has been incredibly  helpful.  And one of my favorite sessions was the trip through Trader Joe's-amazing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Oh yes, since my visit to the MD last March, I have lost 20 lbs.!  Slow and steady--and really no pain-I am pretty excited!

Kathe P. - Annapolis, MD

Working with Margaret has been great! She's given me very specific tools that I can use the rest of my life. Besides the 10 day detox that I can always use to get back on track, she's given me help in several other areas, such as organization and nutrition education. She's motivating, organized, and reliable. She's still checking on me after our 12 weeks has ended. She's really helped me to approach this as a life long way of living and not dieting which has helped me relax and not feel the frustration of dieting. I highly recommend Margaret as a health coach!

Robin A. - Little Rock, AK



It’s extremely important to organize yourself and tap into your mental side before embarking on a journey.  Yes, this is a journey, because once you achieve these goals, there will always be new ones cropping up that you’ll want to go after next.We will talk about…

  • Goal Setting.  What are some short and long term goals.
  • Your “Why”.   Why do you want to be healthy.  How do you see your life years from now.
  • Vision Board.  Is it hype or do they really work.
  • Overwhelm.  How to stay out of it and continue with your goals.
  • Organization.  Tips and tricks to keep you on track and not forgetting a thing.


Actually, balancing your blood is all about food and it should be enjoyable!  No rabbit food or tree bark, just lovely clean, real food to fill your belly and make you feel satisfied.When you combine your carbs, protein and fat correctly you can eat a lot of food, feel satiated and lose weight.  All without deprivation! We will talk about…

  • Even Blood Sugar.  No more sugar highs with crashes!  Find out what to eat so you feel alive and full of energy all day.
  • Optimal Times to Eat.  Yes, there actually is a formula for this to keep your metabolism at its peak all day.
  • Turning Your Favorite Foods “Healthy”.  Turn some of your family favorites, like mashed potatoes, into a super healthy and satisfying version.
  • The ins and outs of portions.  Why they matter and why they don’t.  How to become an expert with out measuring.
  • Feeling Full.  Yes, you can eat a super healthy, balanced meal every time you eat and feel satisfied and full!
  • Fat vs. Sugar.  Find out which one packs on the pounds and helps lead to disease.  Learn how to incorporate these into your diet the right way.
  • Quick Meal Prep.  Look around and use what's in your kitchen to make a healthy meal in 30 minutes or less.  It's really that easy!


Movement is my drug of choice.  The “high” I get from exercise is something that I want everyone to experience sometime in their life.  It’s truly amazing once you develop an intimate relationship with it.The physical benefits such as burning calories, lowering blood sugar and blood pressure and strengthening your heart are obvious.  But the not so obvious benefits are the mental ones.  The hormones released during exercise are natural anti-depressants.  Who doesn’t want to feel amazing without drugs!

We will talk about…

  • “Right” Kind of Exercise.  We all have different loves and this includes the kind of movement we do.  I love dance.  What do you love?
  • Mental Barrier.  We all know what this is!  Excuses out the ying yang as to why we don’t have “time” to exercise.  I’ll give you my tricks to overcoming.
  • Strength Training.  Why this is (almost) more important than aerobic exercise.  I said (almost), but believe me it’s uber important!
  • Exercise Tools.  The best technology tools to help you stay on track and why they work.
  • Flexibilty.  Why this is important as we age and my best tips for staying flexible.
  • Travel Exercise.  Tips and tricks I use when traveling to keep your fitness goals going.


What exactly is stress?  Is it all bad?  Are there different kinds?  Do you know how to manage yours?  Does it affect your weight and weight loss efforts?

Believe it or not, sometimes we don’t even know we’re stressed!  Has your mood changed or have you been snapping at your children or spouse?  Chances are you are stressed and you haven’t taken the time to figure out why.  I know it sounds crazy, but it can happen.  Been there done that!

We will talk about…

  • Substances.  Living on caffeine, alcohol, nicotine or other.  My tips for not relying on substances to get you through the day.
  • Primary Food.  This is everything in your life that’s not food.  We will talk about how to find balance in these areas so you are relaxed and happy.
  • Sleep.  Yes, it’s ultra important.  I’ll give you my tricks for getting an amazing nights sleep and the (vital) reasons you don’t want to skimp on it.
  • Relaxing.  This is so hard for some people, but it’s also so important.  I have some great tips for relaxing that have saved me over the last years.

5) DETOX DETAILS (Woo hoo...you get my Detox for FREE!)

Finally…10 days of freedom from the daily question “what’s for dinner”?  With my meal plan and recipes you won’t have to think for 10 whole days!It’s time to feel how clean food affects your body.  You will cleanse your body of processed, addictive and inflammatory foods by removing the top allergen foods from your diet and eating only real, whole, nutrient dense foods.

Clean eating gives your digestive system a break and helps heal and repair damage in your body.

It’s also a great way to find and free yourself of bad habits (like fast food, diet soda and caffeine) and get the support and coaching necessary for success!

This can be for the whole family, so no making separate meals for the kids.

Your detox includes…

  • Detox Shopping List.  Everything you need for 10 days is on the list.  It’s a great time to clean out the pantry and fridge before you go.
  • Meal Plan.  Every meal and snack is on a spreadsheet for you so you don’t have to think of what to eat for 10 days.
  • Recipes.  Super simple and quick recipes are at your finger tips for easy meal preparation.
  • Cutting Back / Withdrawals.  Headache, fatigue, crankiness, cravings are withdrawal symptoms.  I have some tips to “ease the pain”.


Can emotions really affect our weight?  You betcha!  Either consciously or subconsciously emotions are probably the number one reason for having weight issues.

You can eat when you’re sad, happy, stressed, anxious, bored, frustrated, tired, angry, lonely…you name it and our emotions play a role.  What are your triggers?

We will talk about…

  • Tools.  We all need ways to stop certain behaviors.  You will get my list of things that have helped me over the years.
  • Guilt Free Eating.  Create a great relationship with food and how not to feel guilty when eating…yes, I know we have all had those guilty feelings:)
  • Mindfulness.  Don’t beat yourself up for having triggers.  We all do!  Learn ways to accept and move on without feeling guilty and not in control.
  • Control.  What does it feel like to be in control of your emotions.  A group discussion around this will give you some serious insight and positive reinforcement.
  • Hunger.  Do you ask yourself if you’re hungry on a regular basis.  If not, you should.  I’ll share my tips for eating when hungry, but not waiting until you're starving.
  • Company.  What are some ways to surround yourself with similar goal oriented people.  How to deal with being around non-goal oriented friends and family.


Snacking is not taboo!  I am actually a huge fan of snacking, because if done properly it can help you lose weight.

But calories DO count, so we need to take a look at how many you should be consuming in a day to lose up to 2 pounds a week.

After educating yourself , you will have a better understanding of how to be "mindful" of what you're eating.

We will talk about…

  • Portions.  Snacking is not a meal.  I will give you tips on what and how much you need for a snack to tide you over to the next meal.
  • Your Calorie Count. There are easy ways to track your calories and to know how many you should be consuming in a day.  (For educational purposes only...not as a daily activity!)
  • Counting.  I will show you the easiest way to count calories so you can educate yourself on what you really are eating!
  • Calorie Cutting Ideas.  There are a few easy ways to save calories and I will give you my handy dandy list.


What’s a super shopper?  Someone who makes a list, keeps it simple and is prepared to make easy and healthful meals all week.

I was driving myself crazy by shopping at 5 stores – Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Sam’s Club, Target and Wegmans.  Talk about not being efficient!  The problem was that there were things at each store that I didn’t want to give up.

Finally I sat down and took the time to organize my lists.  I was able to go from 5 stores to 2 and I’m so much happier now.  I seem to be alternating between them by the week, and so far so good.

We will talk about…

  • Shopping Lists.  You will get an Excel version of my shopping lists so you can print them for the fridge.  Want to change a few things…no problem.
  • Nutrition Facts Labels.  Learn how to quickly and easily read labels to pick up the best products.  Learn about “serving size” tricks that are played on you.
  • Ingredient List.  How many ingredients should be on the list and what ingredients you never want to eat.
  • Traveling Food.  My shopping list of travel food and the tricks I use when eating out.
  • Label Claims.  Are the labels on packaging truthful.  Whole wheat, light and high fiber can mean very different things.  Learn how not to get tricked.
  • Kitchen Tools.  How many drawers of tools do you have.  Learn how to minimize and have everything at your finger tips.


Do you know that your gut is called your second brain? Do you ever feel butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous?  Do you feel sick when you have lost sleep?  (I vomited once after an overnight flight where I didn’t sleep). Because our brain and gut are so connected we need to keep both of them as healthy as possible.  This is why having a healthy gut is number one in my book.  If your gut is inflamed, like mine was for so many years, it takes a toll on your total health.  A healthy gut is a healthy mind. We will talk about…

  • Gluten.  Why it is harmful for so many people and is it preventing you from losing weight.
  • Food Sensitivities.  How common are they and do you need to be concerned.
  • Leaky Gut.  What, gross!  Find out if you could have this and how I cured mine.
  • Internal Inflammation.  What is this and why it is so dangerous.  Hint:  extra weight is one kind of internal inflammation
  • Alkaline or Acidic.  Find out which one is best, how it helps with disease prevention and what foods are best.


No more panicking when you go out to eat.  You can eat clean and healthy pretty much anywhere when you know the tricks.

Is fast food your only option because you’re on a major highway with only rest stops in sight?  No worries, I’ve got you covered there too.

We will talk about…

  • Planning.  If there’s time to plan, like if you go out to eat every Friday night, then I’ll give you my proven steps that help me be successful every time.
  • Choices.  As we know there are always good choices on the menu and bad, but which are which.  Sometimes it’s hard to know.  I’ll break it down for you.
  • Temptations.  Here we will deep dive into our emotions and reward center.  How to stay focused when you’ve had a hard week and you want to celebrate.


Yay, you did it!  Ten days of clean eating and I want to know how it went so we can talk about what’s next.

What do you do now?  Do you add in the foods you eliminated?  How do you do that?

We will talk about…

  • Results.  The significance of how you felt during the detox.  What does all of it mean.
  • Supplements.  Are they needed or is it a big waste of money.  Both is the answer and we will examine why and the only vitamin you really need now.
  • Addiction.  Can you really be addicted to food.  Ah, yes you can and it’s the number one problem for failing at diets.  Find out how to overcome.
  • Taste.  What’s the significance of your taste buds changing after a detox.  It’s a biggy and it helps for achieving goals.
  • Toxins.  The hiding places of environmental toxins, how to make your house green and why it’s important.  And my green shopping list!
  • Cravings.  Why and how your cells actually change when exercise becomes mainstream and its connection between food cravings.


Congratulations!  Weeks of hard work and I’m very proud of you.

So…the big question is…what now?  If you’re a little scared I don’t blame you.  It’s ok, but I am here to support you moving forward so don’t think you’re ever alone in this endeavor.  Remember it’s a journey, not a destination.

We will talk about…

  • Goals.  How did you do with your goals that you set.  We will go through them together and either revise, continue or add some new ones.
  • Plateaus.  Blah, we all know what they are, but do you know how to move through them.  I’ll show you how I do it when I’m stuck.
  • Bad Day.  Yes, even I have bad eating days.  I’ll give you my "pet" name for it and tell you how I mentally move through it.
  • Celebrate.  That’s it.  We will celebrate each and every one of you by sharing stories and talking about what’s next.  Don’t worry we will all stay in touch.
  • Recommendations.  I will set you free with a list of my recommendations to keep you moving forward.  With some continued work you WILL reach ALL of your goals!

This Is Your Time...Let's Do This!

Margaret is a Certified Health Coach specializing in weight loss, reversing diabetes, digestive care, food sensitivities and clean eating. She believes that a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants paired with an active lifestyle and a healthy mind will help you live a superior quality of life.

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I want you to be completely satisfied and successful so that’s why I’m offerring this great guarantee.  All I ask is you give 100% effort, complete all of the assignments and attend all of the sessions.  If you feel dissatisfied in any way after that, then I will refund your money with no questions asked.

Contact  410-533-0573  /  Margaret@MyBalancedBloodSugar.com  /  Annapolis, MD 21403