I went on my first diet when I was 13 with my mom, sister, and cousin.

It was the Scarsdale diet and I could only consume 1,200 calories a day.  I wasn't fat.  I was athletic and muscular with a big butt and legs.  I danced 5 days a week.  I played sports.  I wasn't fat.

But I remember that diet so well and for the next 30 years my relationship with food was horrible.

I yo-yo'ed through college, got pretty skinny (aka...starved myself) for my wedding, and then went on the no-fat high sugar diet (blah!!!) in my late 20's that really put on the pounds and sent my sugar addiction and cravings into overdrive.

I was addicted to Lucky Charms cereal during my first pregnancy and drank a gallon of skim milk every few days.  My IBS and weight were out of control, but I had no idea it was my food.  Sugar, gluten, and dairy are the worst foods to eat, and I was completely addicted to them.

After I had my second child I was 50 pounds over my wedding day and felt disgusting.  I went on countless more diets over the next 10 years and managed to get off a bit of the 50, but my cravings and IBS were still horrible.  Not to mention I had developed eczema and headaches too.

I went to countless doctors because of my IBS with diarrhea and eczema, but not one of them helped me.  I was told "you have IBS, go home and live with it", and then thrown steroid cream for my eczema.

IBS and eczema are the result of internal inflammation and food sensitivities, and no one should "go home and live with them!".

But most conventional doctors still don't know this and it makes me crazy.

Food controls every system in the body, including your metabolism, and all health starts in the gut.

I get how frustrated and alone you feel.  I was there for 40+ years and it sucks!  I now admit...

I am a sugar addict and it's hard.

But being a sugar addict doesn't mean your life is over.  It simply means that you need a plan on HOW TO LIVE WITH IT.  It's possible...I promise.

It's not about being perfect, because believe me I'm not, but it is about acceptance.  It's much easier to manage an imperfection once you accept it.

My relationship with food finally healed when I figured out that I needed to stop dieting, and instead eat real, whole, nourishing foods.  Bye, bye Lucky Charms!

My sugar addiction and out of control cravings and hunger have (mostly) disappeared, and now I rarely eat simple carbs...because if I do then I can't stop!  (Remember I said manage:))

Eating whole foods is the FIRST step towards losing weight for good, and healing your relationship with food. 

When you eat the right food then you will reduce inflammation, feel full, eliminate cravings, nourish your gut, and lose weight naturally.

I promise it works.

If you're at your wits end and out of trust, I don't blame you.  It's really hard figuring this stuff out, but I promise that starting with a simple plan is best.

If you're ready to get started then CLICK HERE and see what plan is best for you.



I graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College with a BA in Biology. I received my training to practice as a Certified Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, which is the only nutrition school integrating over 200 different dietary theories. I have learned from some of the very best doctors and nutritionists in the world including, Andrew Weil, M.D., Deepak Chopra, Barry Sears, M.D., Mark Hyman, M.D., and Walter Willet, M.D. of Harvard’s School of Public Health. My certification is through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

It is very difficult to have a healthy body without a healthy mind. Health Coaching is about incorporating the two in order to have the quality of life you deserve. Whole, nutritious foods can heal a body just as the wrong foods can harm a body.

In my spare time I love riding my bike, walking my dog, attending group exercise classes, spending time with my children and laughing with my long time boyfriend.  I reside in Annapolis, MD on the amazing Chesapeake Bay.

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