10 Day Detox Diet

Ready to Lose Weight, De-Bloat, Clear Up Your Skin, Get Rid


of Your Headaches and Zip Up Your Energy?


Maybe You’re Feeling…


Overwhelmed, down on yourself and confused about how to get out of your bad habits and how to become healthier and look ultra hot in those skinny jeans?

Frustrated, ready to give up and alone because you’ve tried all sorts of diets and plans and nothing seems to work.

Unattractive, self conscious and mad because you have some or all of the following…

  • Extra Weight - maybe you’ve carried extra your whole life or it’s from babies or it’s age or it’s hormones or you just don’t know!
  • Fatigue – you wake up tired and struggle through the day or you feel pretty good in the morning and then crash in the afternoon or it’s random
  • Belly Fat – has plagued you your whole life or it’s growing as you age and you want your flat belly back
  • Headaches or Migraines – are becoming more frequent and interfering with your life
  • Acne – looking like a teenager during puberty can be pretty embarrassing as an adult
  • Eczema – itchy, red skin is not only super bothersome, but also super ugly
  • Diarrhea – tired of looking for a bathroom everytime you eat…enough said
  • Constipation – feeling nauseous is the worst
  • Gas – if you let it out it’s quite embarrassing and if you hold it in it’s quite uncomfortable
  • Bloating – trying to hide the poochy belly is no fun when you want to wear a cute, form fitting outfit

I Know I’ve Been In Your Shoes…


My main problem was my digestive system.  I always had stomach aches, with gas, bloating and diarrhea.  Lovely, I know.  But my grandmother had similar issues and my mom a few, so I just lived with it thinking that it ran in our family.

I gained weight in college, continued with my poor digestion, then lost some weight after college and finally gained a lot of weight with my pregnancies – as in 70 pounds!  Yes, I was on the weight roller-coaster and it continued for many years.

Then in my early 20’s I developed eczema all over my hands.

Over the next 20 years I lost some (not all) weight, but I developed more eczema (on my face) and I started having frequent headaches.

I went to a gastroenterology doctor when I was 39 and after all of my blood work came back normal she told me that I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and I just had to live with it since there was no cure.  Hmmm…I definitely proved her wrong!

So now that I had no choice but to take my health into my own hands, I decided to go on an elimination diet to see if food could be causing all of my problems.

I eliminated gluten and dairy and healed my digestive system and head completely.  No more diarrhea or headaches!

My eczema was 80% clear and I was having the hardest time figuring out why I couldn’t get it to 100% so I continued on my elimination journey.

One morning as I was sitting drinking my one cup of 1/2 caf coffee that I so LOVED in the morning, my face started to itch.  Hmmm…

So the next morning I had lemon water instead of coffee and no itchy face.  In 3 days my face eczema was completely gone.

I researched coffee sensitivity and low and behold I found out that coffee proteins are similar to gluten proteins and that if you have a gluten sensitivity then you may have a coffee one too.  They are called cross-reactive foods…who knew.  But I continued my experimentation because I learned that sometimes it’s not the coffee, but it can be the process of decaffeinating it.  I’ve been having one cup of regular organic coffee in the morning and so far so good so no more decaf for me!

So there you have it.

My gluten, dairy and decaffeinated coffee free world allowed me to…look like this!standing outside cropped


     1)  Lose 20 (stubborn) pounds

     2)  Eliminate nasty eczema

     3)  Get rid of headaches and brain fog

     4)  Prove that many doctors know nothing about nutrition or food sensitivities (I’ve been told that they don’t get taught nutrition in med school, but I think that’s changing!)

This is why I created 10 DAY DETOX DIET..for those times when we need a little help getting back on track.

You’ll Be Amazed at the Results…Yes, This is Possible for YOU!


  • Weigth Loss – up to 5 pounds…woo hoo!
  • Clearer Skin – no more acne or itchy eczema to ruin your day and make you feel self-conscious…just smooth, lucious, radiant skin
  • Flatter Belly – bloat no more and feel amazing and sexy when you get dressed to rock the town
  • Clear Thinking – no more headaches or brain fog preventing you from excelling through your day
  • Normal Poop – bowel movements on a daily basis that are not painful (sorry…TMI I know!)
  • More Confidence – when you get off track it’s easy to get back on (just repeat the detox) and feel awesome in your new, beautiful body
  • More Energy – zip through your to do list, make home cooked meals, play with your children and connect with your husband
  • Better Sleep – your brain and body will feel young and vibrant again after re-setting during a kick butt sleep

What Others Have Said…


Joel:  Hi Margaret.  Vince and I have been on the meal plan for three weeks now and we just love it.  In fact, I have some terrific news to share with you.  I had blood work done last week and my doctor could not believe the results………..and neither could I!  My total cholesterol has never been so low, 163.  LDL and triglycerides have never been so low either.  I am simply thrilled with the results with out using drugs.  Your plan is so easy to maintain and the food is so delicious.  We have been experimenting with some recipes as well.  Here is one for you for fall.  Stir a scoop of organic pumpkin puree (Trader Joe’) in to your oatmeal with one tablespoon each of flax, hemp and chia seeds.  Add a little maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and some cinnamon and two tablespoons of pumpkins seeds for seasoning and crunch.  Here’s to good health!  Joel”  Annapolis, MD

Tracy: I wanted to say that as of Day 8, I am loving this program! Not only do I feel better, but I lost 3 pounds!! I really thought I would be breaking the rules every day so I am pleasantly surprised that I have been sticking with it.”  Denver, CO

Gosha: “Two things that surprised me about this program so far: 1) apparently I do not NEED bread as much as I thought I did…who knew I could go about my day without craving it or even thinking about having some; 2) I really like the brown rice pasta…much better than the whole wheat pastas…to add to it, my kids love it too so this works even better.”  Bethesda, MD

Liz: “I have a new strategy of how to incorporate clean eating into the entire family that I thought I’d share: After I prepare a clean meal, I tell the family to taste it and if they don’t enjoy it, think about what we could add to it that would make them like it more (eg, melted cheese, spaghetti sauce, yogurt or sour cream). The last time I tried this, it actually wasn’t needed since all of us loved the meal, but I think it may work moving forward to make sure I’m not making separate meals for the kids and to ensure they’re getting at least a healthy foundation to their meals.” “Lastly, this clean lifestyle has really awoken the inner chef in me! I have *never* been one to experiment with cooking. It’s always been to follow a recipe, open a jar of something, or nuke a frozen meal. But more and more, I have been branching out and just “winging it”. I made such a fun “harvest medley” as I called it last night that I was really proud of myself.”  Potomac, MD



Is detoxing some sort of weird diet?

No, detoxing is not a diet at all, but about eating real food.  You will eat tons of non-starchy veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and high quality meat.  You will give your digestive system a break from sugar, high glycemic grains and the processed food world in general.

No fast food, gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol or caffeine allowed.  Sorry:(

Will I be hungry?

NO, you should’t be, and in fact you should feel more satiated.  This is not a calorie restrictive program, it is a RESTORATIVE program.  You are restoring your body from the inside out.

Why is detoxing important?

Because food is very misunderstood.  Our country is slowly killing us with low quality convenience foods full of preservatives and no nutrients.  We need vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from our FOOD so we can lead a healthy and vibrant life.

Eating processed food and taking a multi-vitamin is NOT the same.  Getting everything your body needs to survive from real food is of the utmost importance for your daily, and aging life.  Disease prevention is the ultimate goal, but living every day with high energy and feeling phenomenal is the immediate goal.

Is it hard?

The only part that may be hard is coming off caffeine and sugar.  These two may give you withdrawals for a few days since they affect you the same way as real drugs.  Yes, sugar lights up the same area of the brain as cocaine and heroin!

Cut back slowly over 3-4 days and the affect should be minimal.  You may experience headaches, irritability and cravings.  Sorry, those are the worst days, I promise:)

Nothing else should be hard and in fact I don’t even like to cook, so I keep everything super easy for you.  As long as your kitchen is stocked, preparing real food meals is a snap!

What’s happening inside my body? 

Internal inflammation is being reduced which allows the body to heal.  Many issues like diarrhea, constipation, headaches, extra weight, eczema, acne, fatigue and joint pain can be caused by food sensitivities and toxins of which we are not aware.  When we remove these foods and toxins our symptoms go away, then we know we’re onto something.  It’s truly amazing to FEEL the results!

What is internal inflammation?

It’s just like a cut you can see on the outside of your body –  red, swollen and sore tissue.  Now put all of that inside your body.  That’s internal inflammation.

Your body is on a continual fight inside because of the food and toxins you are ingesting so it stays in a constant state of unhealthy turmoil.  This is what leads to all of the pain, which can manifest differently in everyone.  I don’t get joint pain, but I do get diarrhea, headaches, belly bloat and eczema.

Why do I have belly fat and bloating when I’m not really overweight?

There are many reasons we can have belly fat.  Age, genetics, out of balance hormones, lack of exercise, toxins and poor quality food are the main causes.  We can’t do much about our genetics and age, but we can manage the others.

Lack of exercise and poor quality food can cause us to have visceral fat which is the one that causes belly fat and out of balance hormones.  Eating clean, healthy foods makes a huge difference.

How should I feel over the 10 days?

Days 1 – 3 you may feel cranky and have cravings.  If you didn’t cut back on sugar and caffeine prior to the start date, then you may also have a headache.

Days 4 – 7 you should start to have more energy and you may notice your skin clearing and your digestive system feeling more normal.  Weight loss is also common.

Days 8 – 10 you should feel great.  Clear skin, more energy, normal bowels, flatter belly and weight loss are what most people experience.

Is there a meal plan and a shopping list?

Yes, to both!  Prior to the start date you will get a shopping list and meal plan so you can get organized and start to prepare your meals.

I want this to be super easy for you.  Getting started on a project is always the hardest part, so once I get you organized I know you will be successful and you will feel amazing!

Are there any kitchen tools to purchase?

Just one for making veggie “noodles” called a vegetable spiral cutter.  You can find the Vegetti Spiral Vegetable Cutter at Bed Bath and Beyond or you can buy the Spiralizer from Amazon which is the one I have and I love it.





Organization, education and personal goals will take place  during this live session with me.  I’ll give you the tools to make your detox super easy, but first we need to look deeper into why you are detoxing so that you  get everything out of your program and you have amazing success.

We will talk about…

  • Current & Genetic Health Issues – what health issues you have, what you are trying to avoid and how the detox can help you live a vibrant life
  • Your “Why” – why this detox is great for having in your library and how it can come in handy years down the road when you may get off track a little:)
  • Shopping List - everything you need for the full 10 days is on the list so you don’t have to organize a bit (and you can use it over and over again)
  • Meal Plan - with your spreadsheet of meals you know exactly what to eat and when so you can turn off the “what’s for dinner” question for a while
  • Recipes - you will have all the recipes on the meal plan at your finger tips so you don’t have to Google a thing
  • Supplements - my list tells you which ones are super important and which ones are a waste of money so you don’t have to spend hours researching what to buy
  • Re-Introduction of Foods - how to re-introduce the eliminated foods back into your diet (if you choose)
  • Fats - which are best and why you should not be (too) afraid of eating plenty of fat
  • Toxins - you will get my list of non-toxic cleaners and products that I love (detoxing isn’t just about food afterall), and why they’re important to use
  • Exercise - tips to help you get regular exercise and how to find something you love at the same time
  • Sleep - techniques forso you feel completely rested in the morning


  • Daily Group Support - in a private Facebook group for asking questions, posting comments and simply feeling the support and love of others
  • Private Email Support - send me an email  in case you have a private question that you don’t want to share with the group…no problem, I understand that some things need to be private:)




1)  Pre-Detox Session

  • VIRTUAL CONFERENCE CALL – Thursdays at 1:30pm EST (conference call details will be emailed to you after signing up)



1)  Action Guide - you will receive your in depth Action Guide for the session.  It includes a little “homework” plus tons of super duper info that we will go over during the session.

2)  Shopping List – everything you need to buy in one handy, dandy list prior to detoxing …I practically do the shopping for you!

3)  Meal Plan – your super cool spreadsheet of meals telling you what  to eat every day for 10 days…NO more “what’s for dinner tonight”?

4)  Recipes – yep, every recipe you need will be at your figertips….no more wasting time looking for the perfect meal




Download all of the materials, attend the session, be active in the Facebook group and give 100% effort to the detox and if you are dissatisfied at all with the results, then I will refund your money in full with no questions asked.  Seriously, is that risk-free or what! 



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VIRTUAL - Conference Call  

1:30 pm on Thursdays

ADD on a One Hour Private Session for $62.50! (Normally $125)

Private Session:  Phone or In Person

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