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"Hi Margaret.  Vince and I have been on the meal plan for three weeks now and we just love it.  In fact, I have some terrific news to share with you.  I had blood work done last week and my doctor could not believe the results...........and neither could I!  My total cholesterol has never been so low, 163.  LDL and triglycerides have never been so low either.  I am simply thrilled with the results without using drugs.  Your plan is so easy to maintain and the food is so delicious.  We have been experimenting with some recipes as well.  Here is one for you for fall.  Stir a scoop of organic pumpkin puree (Trader Joes) in to your oatmeal with one tablespoon each of flax, hemp and chia seeds.  Add a little maple syrup and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and some cinnamon and two tablespoons of pumpkins seeds for seasoning and crunch.
Here's to good health!  Joel"  
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